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Also Known As Rubber Flooring – LockFloors

LockFloors welcomes you with solutions to your flooring needs. At LockFloors, we have developed multi-purpose PVC floor tiles, also known as rubber mats, to be aesthetically luxurious and functionally durable.  We offer a personal guarantee  that all our flooring products are of the highest quality and offered at discount prices. We can guarantee this because we manufacture all our flooring ourselves. By buying directly from us, the manufacturer, you get cost-effective pricing and the saving is passed on to you the customers at discount prices.

We have developed four main flooring lines. The first is the Visible Lock medallion mat, developed for high traffic areas like: garages, offices, factories, showroom flooring, workshops, schools, crèches, etc. The second is our Hidden Lock medallion mats for a sexier finish and used for medium traffic.  The third line is our Leather Lock and used for offices, retail shops and residential.

Our fourth line and very popular mat is our Duck Board mat or also known as Duck Lock. These are the interlocking floor tiles with holes, typically used in: showers, camp sites, pool areas, bakkies, showroom floors and other areas where slippery floors are a problem

Our tiles are manufactured using durable PVC. The dimensions of our medallion tile is 500mm x 500mm, and depending on the need of our clients vary from 5mm to 7.5mm thick. The finish is designed to provide a non slip surface yet still look luxurious and feel soft beneath the feet.

We manufacture our mats in two standard colours black and grey, but they can be manufactured in any colour you want (conditions apply).

LockFloors tiles can be installed on any solid floor surface, although preferably one which is flat and smooth.

What people say about our product

I have received the tiles and what a pleasure dealing with you, prompt and efficient service, well done, I would recommend anybody to deal with lock floors


I'd like to firstly commend what a lovely experience it was dealing with your company. From the service to the product it was all just A grade. I’ve installed my tiles and I can say I am satisfied!


I have to say that your company’s service and response has been insane!!! It has been fantastic to deal with you. Thank you for all the effort.